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Located in Silverstream’s retail village, Total Health Physio & Podiatry provide a comprehensive physiotherapy and podiatry service that caters for all. We had the pleasure of chatting with owner, Teresa, to delve into what makes this Total Healthy Physio & Podiatry a cherished part of the Silverstream community.


When did you start Total Health Physio & Podiatry and why?

I first met the developers of Silverstream over three years ago when they were in the process of developing the health hub. I had done something similar over in the Rolleston area and it was through that connection that we got into developing the medical centre, the physio clinic and the other different entities which are here. It was an opportunity I didn’t expect, but I’ve really enjoyed coming to the Silverstream area. The clinic is much smaller than a clinic I’ve had in the past and I’ve quite enjoyed that change. We have some local physios working here and we have been here since July 2018.

It’s really nice having people aligned because it’s a really good experience for our clients as well. My son works with us as a podiatrist, so it’s kind of nice having it in the family as well. 


What makes Silverstream special?

It’s a lovely wee community, the stream is great, and just the fact that everyone works so well together. You can wander into the pharmacy or the GP practice if you need to know something, and it’s just a great community. I think in this day and age, community is really important.

I sort of say that it’s like Coronation Street – everyone trots past and waves in the window and it’s really nice. And it’s not just the medical community, it’s also the people in the community that we’ve gotten to know really well. It’s been a privilege to be part of it.


What made you choose to open in Silverstream?

I think it was the opportunity and the fact that there was a health hub. I like the concept of having all the medical professionals working together. Also, the long-term growth with The Sterling retirement village and the intergenerational aspect of that. Silverstream is just a nice place to be and it’s also a little bit smaller and quieter than I’ve had in the past, which I really enjoy.


What is your favourite part about working in Silverstream?

It’s so relaxed and I always come back to the community focus. I like the family and I like working with other health professionals. Also, the fact that I’ve got a great team of physios and podiatrists working with me and being able to provide services for the local area. It’s also nice getting up and walking down the stream if you have time during lunch as well, it’s a good chill factor.


Are you excited about the future of Silverstream and why?

Yes, which is again because of the growth factors. It will be really nice once the intergenerational retirement village is on the ground. Just for the difference with the concept of having different generations being able to work together as opposed to having just a retirement village.

I just really enjoy the opportunity to have my son on board along with the two physios we have. And even though I live on the south side of Christchurch, it’s only a 25-minute trip for me on the motorway so it’s really quick and I don’t have to go into town. It’s great!

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After care of a sholder surgery and nerve trapping. Teresa did a fantastic job in helping me back to work. Highly recommend to anyone who is in the need of a total package of phyiso and recovery program. AAAAA+++++


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