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Looking for answers to your questions? Look no further! Our detailed FAQ page is here to address all your queries relating to building a home in Silverstream subdivision.

Do I have to get sign-off from Silverstream on house plans before applying for building consent?

All plans and specifications must be submitted to the Silverstream office for Developer approval prior to applying for building consent.

What schools are in the Silverstream zone?

Silverstream falls within the school zones of Kaiapoi Borough Primary School and Kaiapoi High School.

Do I have to build as soon as the title becomes available?

There are no set timeframes for building to commence on your section in Silverstream.

Can I use my own builder?

You have the flexibility to choose your own builder, or we can recommend one of our preferred builders.

Who is responsible for fencing a property?

Boundary fencing is supplied and installed by the Developer prior to titles being issued. However, the landowner is responsible for all other fencing, subject to approval from the developer. This involves submitting a detailed landscape plan and adhering to the fencing guidelines.

Why are there covenants as part of the title?

The covenants are issued to ensure Silverstream maintains the same consistency and quality throughout the development. This gives purchasers confidence that the standard of the subdivision will be upheld for future stages.

Does the landscaping have to be completed before moving in?

Landscaping is to be completed within 3 months of your home receiving Code of Compliance.

Will geotechnical and ground reports be available free of charge?

Yes, geotechnical and ground reports will be supplied once title has been issued for your section.

What utilities are offered within the subdivision?

Water, power, and telecommunications are available in Silverstream.

Am I allowed to resell my section?

Yes, if you purchase a section and change your mind about building, then you are welcome to resell it.

Who owns the right of ways and access lots and who maintains them?

A shared driveway is divided into sections, with each section assigned to the lots that require access to that driveway. A Right of Way Easement will be registered on the title, specifying ownership, maintenance responsibilities, and rights of use for neighbours.

Is there fibre optic cable in Silverstream?

Fibre cable is provided to the corner of every section in Silverstream.

Am I allowed to erect a relocated home?

All homes in Silverstream must be approved by the developers to ensure continuity and harmony of architectural style within the Development.

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