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Discover the real stories from our happy residents! Explore their testimonials and find out why they love living in Silverstream Subdivision. From building their dream homes to embracing the friendly community, their experiences will inspire you and make you feel right at home.


Three words to describe Silverstream; it has heart. Everyone looks after their own little sections; everyone looks after each other and we are so passionate about this place – we just love it.



There’s a great sense of community feel, people get on with each other and there’s a really nice, pleasant vibe about the place.

We really love Silverstream because there are great people that live here with all different ages from young through to our elderly, and everyone looks after each other.

Nicky, Hayden & Luca


One of the things we really like is the proximity to Kaiapoi and Rangiora. We shop and eat in those places now. I play golf and I’m a member of the Kaiapoi Golf Club now, which is really handy. This is the closest I’ve ever lived to a golf course in my life before. So, we enjoy just the proximity of all those things. It’s all here!



As we drive over the Silverstream bridge we get that awesome feeling of peace and tranquillity, a real country feeling open space beautiful trees, so glad we built our new home here.

Merrilyn & Neville


The things we really like about Silverstream are…… The stream running though the development and the green spaces and walking paths on either side. We just love living here!!!

Pauline & Peter

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