Moving to a new neighbourhood can be nerve-wracking. Questions may be racing through your mind such as; will the neighbours be nice? Where’s the nearest supermarket? And how will you meet new people? Worry no more with Silverstream’s top 5 tips on relocating to a new neighbourhood.

1. Join the Facebook Community Group & join Neighbourly 

One of the best ways to stay up to date with what’s happening in your new neighbourhood is to join their Facebook community group. Here in Silverstream we have our own community group, Silverstream Kaiapoi Community Group, where our residents and businesses can post about the latest deals, queries and advice. Neighbourly is another great platform to keep updated on the latest news and events in your neighbourhood. We also post regularly on Neighbourly so you can keep posted with what’s happening in Silverstream Subdivision and around Kaiapoi/North Canterbury.

2. Attend local events & classes

Attending community classes and events is a great way to meet new people in your neighbourhood who have common interests. In the Retail Village we have a community noticeboard which is a great place to find out about events happening around the area such as our Annual Duck Race, Christmas Picnic in the Park and community garage sales . The Silverstream Social Club also comes out with an events calendar each year, so keep an eye out as the 2021 version will be coming out soon.

3. Go the old-fashioned way & take baking to your new neighbours

Whether it’s scones, brownies or bickies, baking is a sure way to get on the good side of your new neighbours, and it’s a great excuse to go and introduce yourself. You can even get your kids in on the baking fun, plus you can make some extras for yourself because who can resist a good bit of baking! If baking isn’t your thing let our local cafe, Urban Revival, do the job for you and invite your neighbours out for a coffee.

 4. Take a tiki tour around the neighbourhood

 Moving to a new neighbourhood is the perfect opportunity to get the family in the car and take a tiki tour around. You could pack a picnic, go to the local park and make a day of it! Driving around is great for getting oriented to your new community plus you can find out where all the cafes, medical centres, supermarkets and pharmacies are. In Silverstream we have all the essential amenities in our retail village in the centre of the subdivision. This includes Urban Revival, Naya Supermarket, Silverstream Pharmacy, Le Plaisirand many more! If driving isn’t your thing you can go for a lovely walk or bike ride by the stream where you’ll see our resident ducks as well as having the chance to meet a lot of your new neighbours. While you’re out make sure to register at your local Dr, Silverstream Medical Centre, and Dentist, PAG Dental, then book the children into the local preschool, Best Start Silverstream.

5. Volunteer in the community

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your new community and meet new people. In fact, there are quite a few organisations doing great work in North Canterbury looking such as North Canterbury Riding for the Disabled, Waimakariri District Libraries, Dementia Canterbury and North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support! If you want to get involved in planning the events around Silverstream, apply to join the Silverstream Social club by emailing [email protected]