The new Silverstream Boulevard connection point between the thriving Silverstream community and the greater Kaiapoi area is now open, marking an exciting new milestone in the development of the burgeoning Silverstream community and the future of Kaiapoi.

Silverstream Boulevard now runs from Adderley Terrace in Silverstream all the way through to William Steet in central Kaiapoi, joining Silverstream directly to Kaiapoi Central. The new thoroughfare positions the thousands of residential homes that sit on the west side of the Christchurch Northern Motorway right in the heart of a new Kaiapoi community footprint, and will help establish a new ‘Silverstream Loop’ pathway, extending Kaiapoi’s walking and cycling paths through Silverstream, all the way to the recently restored Butchers Foot Bridge. 

14 years in the making, the completion of Silverstream Boulevard represents a huge joint effort by Lime Developments and the Waimakariri Council, one that will likely have significant and ongoing social and economic impacts in the area, says Fred Rahme, director of Lime Developments, the group behind Silverstream Estate.

“For the first time in its history, the Silverstream community – including the residential area, all the amenities, and The Sterling Retirement village – is no longer segregated from Kaiapoi as a whole,” says Rahme. “We can now proudly say that we are an integral part of the greater Kaiapoi community.”

“We encourage everyone in our community to patronize all of the different businesses and attractions that Kaiapoi has to offer, and we’re encouraging those in the Kaiapoi area to visit this newer area and see everything that Silverstream has to offer.”

The connection was officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony last Friday, attended by representatives from Ngāi Tūāhuriri and the Mayor of Waimakariri District, Dan Gordon.

“The opening of this link road is a significant step in further linking two great communities,” says Gordon. “This is an excellent example of where a developer and the Council have worked together to deliver key infrastructure projects for our community.”

“I’d like to congratulate Lime Developments’ Fred Rahme and Jack Lin on this significant milestone as they continue to build on the success of Silverstream. A huge thank you in particular to Fred for his vision and perseverance. We are fortunate to have developers like Lime in our district. They always deliver on their word and this road is a great example of that.”

Research sponsored by Lime Developments shows that North Cantabrians have historically spent significant amounts of disposable income in the Christchurch Central area, rather than accessing those same services and facilities in Kaiapoi or Silverstream.

“Silverstream Boulevard will help change all that,” says Rahme. “With the opening of this important connection point, the Kaiapoi and Silverstream communities have got a much better chance of capturing the escape expenditure we are experiencing at the moment”.

“In Silverstream, we have really high-end specialist amenities – the pharmacy, the medical centre, endodontists, dentists, physiotherapists, audiologists – things that don’t currently exist in Kaiapoi’s town centre, so the two regions complement each other very well.”

“As one community, there is a lot more that we can achieve.”