This month our Silverstream Business of the Month is BestStart Silverstream, who are located in the Retail Village. We spoke to manager, Brittany, about the centre.

When did BestStart open in Silverstream and why?

The centre itself opened at the end of September, start of October 2017, so we’ve been here for a while now. I think as a newly established subdivision it was a prime spot to put a new centre. So we’ve got our Kaiapoi centre down the road, so it was about offering something a little bit different to our community.

What is special about BestStart Silverstream?

As a centre and as a preschool whānau our culture of gratitude and kindness definitely underpins what we do here. Our centre vision is ‘Thoughfully and Lovingly Nurtured’ so looking at those key relationships. Our culture of kindness, warmth and gratitude is just the beginning of whast makes us so special. Going the extra mile and really valuing those unhurried respectful moments for children and for families too.

What is your favourite part about working in Silverstream?

There are so many opportunities to get out into the community so for our children little things like going for a walk to the park or even an ice block on a hot day from the shop – it’s within arms each and we can get out there. But also looking at the events and and how we can play a part in those within our community is really awesome too.

Are you excited for the future of Silverstream and why?

100%. I’m just excited for new families to come in and experience what we already know makes the community special and hopefully have some new families join our whānau as well.