Nestled in the heart of Silverstream’s retail village, Naya Supermarket stands as a pillar of convenience in Silverstream. We sat down with Anil, one of the co-owners, to explore what Naya Supermarket has to offer.


When did you start Naya Supermarket?

We opened up Naya Supermarket on 10th Nov 2017.


What makes Naya Supermarket special?

We sell a decent number of grocery lines needed for households. Also, our prices are very competitive. We sell Tasty Country Fried Chicken cooked in 100% Cholesterol-free oil. We cook fresh chicken fillets to make our Tasty Burgers which are well received by our customers.


What made you choose to open in Silverstream?

Silverstream is a vibrant community with a lot of scope for development.


Are you excited about the future of Silverstream and why?

Yes, I am very excited for the future of Silverstream with 300 more houses being built soon. I am very excited with the construction of Retirement Village adding more people to the area.

Having a local shop like Naya Supermarket right in the heart of Silverstream’s retail village brings many benefits to the community.

One of the best aspects of having a local shop is seeing kids’ faces lighting up as they enjoy ice cream cones on a hot summer day, or catching a glimpse of a couple strolling down the road while sharing a box of fried chicken & chips. These simple yet precious moments remind us of the joy and togetherness that a local shop can bring to a community.


Check out some of their reviews!

Best little mini supermarket! Much more than a dairy – they stock all the basics and lots of specialty stuff too, and will get things in for you too. Prices are competitive too. And they do really good Chicken and Chips too!


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I work down the road and it’s an ideal lunch run. The hot food is great chicken, chips, burgers and more – absolutely delicious. Phone orders available make it great for a feed on the go. Cheers Naya.


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Very friendly people. Best hot chips I’ve had – definitely recommended those.


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