Are you eyeing up sections in subdivisions or exploring house & land packages with your favourite builder? Has Silverstream subdivision popped up during your research? We might be a tad biased since we adore Silverstream, but keep reading to discover why we’re such a great location for building your dream home among all the other options!

Amenities on your doorstep

Something to consider when moving to a new area is the surrounding amenities. Do you have the essentials close by, or will you have to travel to reach them? If having amenities close by is important to you, life in Silverstream will be very convenient as the necessities are within walking distance. The bustling retail village at the centre of the subdivision has everything you need including:

  • Urban Revival café to grab your daily caffeine fix or meet friends for weekend brunch
  • Silverstream Medical Centre with Silverstream Kaiapoi Pharmacy right next door so you can get your prescriptions easily
  • New Zealand Post depot within the pharmacy for sending gifts to friends and family around the country and abroad
  • Naya Supermarket for those items you forgot on your weekly grocery shop
  • Le Plaisir beauty salon to tame those split ends, freshen up your hairstyle or simply relax and be pampered
  • PAG Dental to keep those pearly whites shining bright
  • Plus lots more! 

If you want to explore everything Silverstream’s retail village has to offer, click here.

Catering to all stages of life

If you have a family or are planning on having a family, it’s important to consider what education options are available in the area you’re moving to. In Silverstream, you have access to a full continuum of education, starting with early childhood care at Best Start Preschool, through to primary school at Kaiapoi Borough School, and moving up to secondary school at Kaiapoi High School.

And for those planning ahead for their retirement, The Sterling, Kaiapoi is a quality borderless retirement village right in the heart of Silverstream, so you can enjoy your golden years in the neighbourhood you’ve come to love.

An easy-care lifestyle awaits

Silverstream offers low-maintenance sections, so you can spend less time mowing the lawns and more time enjoying life in your dream home or adventuring around Waimakariri. With smaller sections designed for effortless upkeep and plenty of shared green spaces like scenic walkways and reserves, residents are always out and about connecting with neighbours and embracing the vibrant community spirit – that’s what we believe brings that little bit of magic Silverstream!

Being situated just north of Christchurch over the Waimakariri Bridge, you can get the advantages of small-town living while being just 20 minutes from the city centre. And for those weekend adventurers, you’ll find beaches, rivers, and mountains less than an hour’s drive away. That’s the beauty of living in North Canterbury! If you’re up to it, you could go hiking, swimming, and even snowboarding all in one day – the possibilities are endless.

Thriving community spirit

At the core of Silverstream is a thriving community. Silverstream is lucky enough to have a social club, made up of dedicated residents who organise fun community events throughout the year, such as duck races, quiz nights, meet your neighbour nights, and outdoor movie nights.

The frequent events are organised with the purpose of bringing neighbours together and encouraging them to foster connections with new people and create friendships. This has created a tight-knit community where neighbours look out for one another, making Silverstream a safe and friendly place to live.

Hassle-free commute & excellent public transport

If a commute into town is a new adventure for you and you are used to city living, then we understand how important transport infrastructure is for keeping your daily routine running smoothly.

Motorway access

With access to the Northern Motorway being just two minutes down the road, your daily commute will be a breeze! Plus taking the Northern Motorway means you’ll encounter fewer traffic lights on your commute into town, so your journey will flow more smoothly. With less stopping, you’ll reach your destination feeling less stressed and more energised!

Here’s a breakdown of some travel times, so you can see just how fast your commute will be:

  • 20 minutes to the central city
  • 10 minutes to Northwood
  • 14 minutes to Northlands Mall
  • 15 minutes to the airport
Ease of public transport

Multiple bus stops are located throughout Silverstream, meaning access to public transport is never far away. There is also a park-and-ride station in the centre of the subdivision, making it easier for those who need to bus for their daily commute. The affordable fare of just $2, means travelling by bus is not only convenient but also budget-friendly. The 95 bus travels through Silverstream, taking passengers to and from central Kaiapoi, Woodend, Pegasus, Waikuku and Christchurch City, making sure you’re well-connected to the wider area.

So, you’re in the research phase and exploring different subdivision options. Our suggestion? Take a drive through each one and immerse yourself in the neighbourhood vibe. Go for a stroll around the area, stop by the local café if they have one, and have a friendly chat with residents to get their thoughts on the area. While we believe Silverstream offers all the benefits of a great subdivision, we know that proof is in the pudding so come and see for yourself! Pop into our sales office and say hello. Our approach is simple: no pushy sales tactics, we’re here to help you make the choice that suits your lifestyle and makes you happy!