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Making that decision to build is a big one – but once you have made it, and the wheels are in motion it can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Building your own home means choosing to live your way, in your style, with your ideas coming to life. But before you start styling your home, it is important to choose the best section to suit your lifestyle. Here at Silverstream we have come up with a few tips on what to consider first!



The orientation and shape of the section can dictate the design of the home you want to build. Before you take into consideration the subdivision and council requirements, you need to consider what is important for you. Think about what you love most – it might be sun-filled rooms, it might be a private garden, it might even be that you love the cold. North-facing sections are always popular for maximising the sun, as are wider sections which allow more flexibility in design.  Sites like these are well sought after and often priced at a premium. Having a clear idea of what you love will help you work out the best-oriented and shaped section most suitable for you.


Certificate of title

The land title is a legal document that identifies the legal owners of a property and also identifies the key facts in relation to the property, such as land area, the legal description and any restrictions on the property.  Whether you are building on sub-divided land, a subdivision or otherwise, every section will have a title. With many new subdivisions you may have entered into an agreement to purchase your section prior to the title being issued, and in most instances, you will not be able to commence building until this has been done.  It is always good to check the title due date, particularly if you are on a tight timeframe for the completion of your build.  There can often be unexpected delays in titles being issued, so it is always good to allow more time than anticipated – if this seems too long to wait then maybe that section is not for you. At Silverstream, we always endeavour to have titled sections available to purchase, so you can get underway building as soon as possible!


Covenants, setbacks, zoning and regulations

Most subdivisions have covenants in place for a set period of time. These are generally created to protect the aesthetic look and feel of the development, whilst providing an enjoyable place for residents to live. Covenants vary and may include restrictions that do not suit you, such as no caravans or boats parked in street view, or relocatable houses not being allowed.

At Silverstream, we encourage you to do your own research at any time and have made available on our website, documents that will provide a greater understanding of what is required when building in Silverstream. As well as covenants, at the time of a subdivision consent, zoning rules are set in the Council. These vary between developments but generally include all building and fencing guidelines to follow for your build.


The area

It doesn’t matter if you’re building as an investment, building for your family or building your forever home – the area must work for you. Do you like being in walking distance to parks or shops? Do you need to be as far away from busy roads as possible? Are their schools within walking distance? What about a bus stop? These are all important questions to ask yourself before you pick a new section. Silverstream was designed with community in mind. The retail village right in the heart of the subdivision ensures every home is within walking distance, with the parks and walkways always accessible and easy to walk on.


Geotech report

This is pretty important – what is under that grass can be the difference between getting that walk-in pantry or having to add that money to your foundations. A site-specific Geotech report details the ground information, this allows your builder to price the works and the engineer to design a suitable foundation specific to that site that will meet the council building requirements. At Silverstream, we don’t want any of our purchasers to experience unnecessary surprises, so that is why we provide a FREE site-specific Geotech report with every section we sell.


Get in touch

Sections come in all shapes and sizes and there is a lot to think about, so make sure you have all the knowledge before you decide on the one for you! Feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to show you around the sections, offer advice and help answer any questions you may have.