"As we drive over the Silverstream bridge we get that awesome feeling of peace and tranquillity, a real country feeling open space beautiful trees,so glad we built our new home here."
Merrilyn & Neville Walker

"I was red zoned after the Christchurch February Earthquake and needed to find somewhere else to live. I was devastated by what had occurred and wondering what to do next. I took a drive out to Kaiapoi and came upon the development of Silverstream Estate. There was something about the place that appealed to me with the stream running through it, the reserve and walkways and the lifestyle it offered.

Upon contacting Silverstream about buying and building I found that right from the start they were caring, honest and helpful. They made the whole process smooth and hassle free. Nothing was a problem and they helped me in so many ways. I highly recommend that you come and have a look at Silverstream." Anyone starting a future or continuing the one they are on would feel the same way I do… Silverstream is home.
Mark Hoddinott

"Firstly, we are living in Silverstream because we chose to be here. We were very lucky not to be affected by any of the earthquakes. Silverstream Estate staff were very pleasant in all the dealings we had with them, and the purchase of our section was totally hassle free. Also, Michelle went the extra mile to ensure we had the section to suit our needs, which was to build our retirement home. The things we really like about Silverstream are...... The stream running though the development and the green spaces and walking paths on either side. Hopefully there may be some trout caught this summer! The playground which is very popular with our small visitors, and the ducks to feed. It is very quiet, no traffic noise. The small section, which is easy to make low maintenance. Very friendly neighbours, which gives it a village atmosphere. Close distance to Kaiapoi, Christchurch and Rangiora. The rural feel, like we are out in the country although we are also close to the town. The prospect that cafes and family restaurants are in the planning stages. We just love living here!!!"
Pauline and Peter Shaw

"After the September 4 earthquake we vacated our Sewell Street home thinking we would return in 6 months or so to either a fixed up home or a rebuilt one. Subsequent events put paid to this and along with many others began the long wait and frustrations with Insurance companies & EQC. However during this period I had a lung transplant and 6 months later Marj and I started a curtain manufacturing business. It was, while we on our way to the airport heading to Auckland, prior to my operation we called in to the Home Expo in Kaiapoi and made the bold move to buy what we thought was a section in an exciting development. At that stage we didn't know for sure whether our Insurance payout was for a rebuild or fix up. We eventually found out we were a complete rebuild and were fortunate to be able to build on our section and after nearly 18 months we moved in our brand new house. We have already found the neighbourhood friendly and enjoy walks with our dog along the river bank an parks. We are more than happy with our decision to buy in the area and look forward to the completion of the other stages together with the commercial area."
Marj & John Millar

 "In the last year I learnt as a result of the earthquakes I would have to shift as my house had been red zoned.  My family looked at different houses but none were suitable.  Then my son suggested I look at Silverstream as he lives nearby.  This I did, the staff there were most helpful.  In a short time they showed us the sections in Stage 1.  We picked the one that suited me.  I am now in a lovely house.  I chose the plan and am very happy."
Betty Uren