This is a really tough time for everyone. Keeping calm, safe and relaxed as our Nation commences a 4-week lockdown is so important. Be kind to one another, follow the directives of the government and enjoy this time as much as you can. This is a time for family connection, talking and video calling friends and family, chilling out, exercising, learning something new and resting your body and mind.

If you have a section on hold, would like to discuss a section or just really want to talk about your circumstances with someone, Michelle will have her phone on her during normal business hours. You can contact us through the contact page here on our website as well. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Until the Covid Alert level has decreased and we have been given the all clear to come out of lockdown, we will be working from home and the office will remain closed.

Take care of one another out there, and we look forward to a healthy global community and a sense of normality returning.