Development Update October 2014

The Transpower undergrounding is nearing completion with the cables about to be pulled through conduits and the Shopping Centre is underway. Stage 4 titles should be available by the end of October. Stage 1 is sold out and  Stage 2 is all but sold out. Stage 3 was released in December and is selling well.

Powerline Undergrounding Is 80% Completed.

The undergrounding of the transmission power cables is nearing completion.

  • Civil works completed. This involved excavation of a 4 metre wide trench 1.5 metres deep and the laying of conduits for the cable to sit in. There are 6 conduits just for the main power cables alone and each conduit is approximately 840 metres long (almost 1 kilometre). The civil works represent the greatest amount of risk in the project.
  • Cable delivered. Just under 5 kilometres of cable was delivered in July 2014.
  • Monopole Foundations completed. Over 9 metre deep footings and piles were poured to hold the 2 monopoles.
  • Monopoles delivered. These poles were to be delivered in May but arrived in September. This has caused a delay in the removal of the overhead lines and towers from November 2014 to February 2015.
  • Monopoles erected. Completed early October these poles are located on the East side of Island Road on another property. The underground cables run from the sub station down Island Road to these poles at which point they run up the side of the poles to be terminated and connected to the aerial lines which then run North to Southbrook. 
  • First Tower removed.
  • Cable stands in sub station erected. These hold the cables to be undergrounded at the sub station end and mark the start of the undergrounding.
  • Sub Station electrical works. Commenced and partly completed.
  • Cable pull through conduits. Scheduled from 29 October to 7 November. Large pulling machines will pull 6 lengths of cables through 840 m long conduits. Once this occurs the majority of the work is completed.
  • Cable connections. During November two men will undertake 12 connections ( 6 at each end) to connect the new underground cables to the monopoles and cable stands.
  • Cable testing. Cables will then be tested for over 24 hours at 150% of their load capacity to ensure there are no faults.
  • Cable loading and switchover. One circuit will be commissioned before Christmas and some of the overhead wires will be removed. In January, the second circuit will be commissioned and all the overhead wires will be removed with the towers being removed in early February.
  • Sub station works have commenced. These will be completed over the next three months.
  • Cable towers will be removed February 2015.
  • Approximately 70% project cost has already been paid.


Island Road Upgrade

Island Road will close on 3 November to be upgraded. New stormwater systems, kerb and channel and a new road surface are all part of the project. The road will eventually become and look like an internal road within the sub division. This will also allow the unfinished work along the road near stage 3 to be completed.


Shopping Centre

Construction of the 15-shop Shopping Centre, comprising 2,300 m2 ground floor and 1,174 m2 first floor retail and office space has commenced with all ground works completed and construction of the ground floor slab underway. A 'destination' convenience centre providing all your daily needs, it will include a family-focused destination restaurant as a feature of the complex, café and other great shops in a stylish schist-stone and timber building located adjacent to the village green, jetty and wider public amenity area. It is scheduled to open mid 2015.


Construction of the first block of 17 two-storey streamside terraced villas with downstairs living areas and three to four bedrooms and balconies upstairs is nearing completion in stages.

Now that the construction is well advanced interest is strong and these will be sold out very soon.

A further block of 9 villas has commenced and further blocks are about to commence providing a variety of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom accommodation.

Stage 4

Stage 4 earthworks for 50 more sections and two further villa sites is completed and titles for these sections are expected this month.

Pre School

Stage 3 also includes a planned new 75 space pre school. It will be located near the corner of Giles Road and accessed from Island Road. We look forward to its opening. 

Showhome Village

The new Showhome Village is open with:

Mike Greer Homes 

Stonewood Homes (2 Showhomes)

GJ Gardner Homes

Compass Homes

Devon Construction

Signature Homes

A1 Homes

DW Residential, Williams and Co, ModuleNZ and Project Homes are nearing completion

Arterial Road

The construction of the new Ohoka Road extension will circle the subdivision connecting back into Butchers Road at the Island Road intersection. This project, being progressed jointly with the Waimakariri District Council as part of the wider District Plan, is scheduled to commence construction soon and will allow no stopping access from the Ohoka Road Exit off the Motorway to Rangiora.

  • Land purchases have been completed.
  • Bridge design consultants have been engaged.
  • Planning is almost finalised.
  • Construction should commence before Christmas.


The whole estate is transforming with the undergrounding of the transmission lines; construction of the Shopping Centre; building of the terraced villas; showhome village in full swing; release of sections in stage four;  pre school planning underway, and new arterial road.